Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Creating Masked Backgrounds with Washi Tapes and Post it Notes | Video

Hello everyone! How are you? This is Deepti Stephens and today I am here with 10 cards made with Masking Technique. As you all know that the current theme at Mudra's Challenge #8 is Masking, so I wanted to share a few Masking Techniques for Creating Backgrounds with you all. I used Mudra's March Release Products for my projects today. 

I wanted to share the whole process of card making with you but I really didn't have much time to create or show you the whole process. So today I will just walk you through the techniques. All these techniques are pretty simple and self-explanatory so I hope you'll understand what I am saying! 


There are different ways and styles to create masked backgrounds but today I will be re-visiting and walk you through a few masking techniques which are very simple and easy to follow. I usually buy Washi Tapes only for Masking and I think you all have washi tapes and post it notes in your stash!


Masking technique is a fun technique that creates an illusion that one image is standing behind the other. It adds so much depth to the one layer cards. 

So today's cards are all going to be one layered and if you want to know a few more details about Masking you can watch my previous video HERE

So let's start with the Masking Techniques

1. Border Masking

There are three different ways to Border Mask - Masking on all the four sides, masking only on two edges and masking a single edge!

Here I have masked the four sides of my card

I've masked only the two sides!

For this one, I've masked only one edge.

2. Partial Masking

There are three ways to partially mask the background.

For this card, I partially masked a portion with a post it note and stamped the flowers. The flowers and leaves were also masked.

On this card, I partially adhered the washi tape along the edge and Ink blended over it.

I masked partially a portion along the edge and bottom portion of the card.

3. Creating Scenes

I masked the bottom and top portion of the card and ink blended the background, You can create beautiful scenes with blue sky, green grass and with flowers, critters and etc.

4. Mosaic Background

I took washi tape and cut into tiny strips and adhered it onto the card base in the form of Mosaic pattern and ink blended over it. 

5. Striped Background

I took a thinner sized washi tape and adhered it horizontally on the card front and ink blended over it. You can place the washi tape either diagonally or vertically also. You can also create beautiful Ombre or Rainbow background with this technique.

6. Window Scene

I took a bit larger sized washi tape and created a window, stamped the flower, masked it also and ink blended over the flower. 


I have made a video for you showing you the Mudra's April Release Prodcuts and also walk you through the techniques.

And these are all the cards for today and I hope you liked it. And I hope I was able to inspire you. Thank you so much for visiting. See you soon :)

Please do participate in our Masking Challenge! :)


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