Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Mudra Stamp Second Release - Day 5!!

Hey Everyone!!

I am so excited see your comments and wishes..  This release is a bit overdosed with huge number of stamp sets, because I could not stop designing and I’m too impatient to withhold the designs for a later release.  So with that said, we have 19 new stamps for this time release totally.
See our other earlier release posts here. For today, we’re revealing last 4 set of stamps... 

Let's go for today's release

Farewell 6”x4”

This comes under our Purely sentiment series where the stamp sets has only sentiment.. A most wanted sentiment stamp set which has some lovely sentiment with elegant styled lettering.. 
Great for office, school and college farewell!!! 

 Dainty Blooms 4”x4”

This is a beautiful cherry blossom sketch with Mother’s day sentiment.. The floral twig is lovely for colouring and the additional two small flowers to coordinate and create beautiful projects.. 

Magical Mushroom 3”x2”

This is designed by Ponmalar. The cute  and whimsical mushroom house is great addition to our mini stamp set collection. love the cute little caterpillar!!

Hibiscus 3”x2”
This is just too beautiful for a mini set.. I can imagine the possibilities with the set... This is a great add to our floral collection..

That’s the last batch of our second release. I loved all the mini sets of our second release. 
Drop in tomorrow to know about the giveaway.. 
See you all tomorrow!



  1. Yes! The first one is most wanted set, awesome! Love the entire release Varshitha!!!

  2. I agree with Vinita, the first one would be the most desired, as I don't see many Farewell one, and the Hibiscus is also a great one as it reminds me of the Hibiscus we see in India. All in all a great release over all.

  3. Absolute awesome Release....Happy to be see the process of efforts behind these!!!
    Great Going Mudra :)

  4. Absolutely fabulous set of stamps for the climax. Love all the stamps.

  5. This is a stunning release.. I have so many So many awesome stamps..Getting my Wishlist ready :)

  6. Really, really great release. Love the mushroom and hibiscus stamps today.

  7. Fabulous sets.Totally loving it.

  8. Fabulous collection dear :) :) and thank you so much for your lovely words :)

  9. Thoughtful collection.. Love the minis in all :)

  10. Stunning collection! Farewell set is too good!

  11. Love all of them... So beautiful! What an awesome collection of stamps. 😊

  12. Such lovely designs! the sentiments are very nice..
    Moxie Craftie