Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Introducing Our Signature Stamp Designer


Varsh here with a super exciting news that I have been holding since a month!!! Yeah!! We have our first signature designer on place!! Seema Sinha needs no introduction, you all have been using her stamp designs , some of her designs are critter party, pregnancy memories, fairytale and much more to come!!! She would be exclusively designing for Mudra for next 3 months!! You will have a whole lot of design from Seema releasing this month!!! I really can't hold those really pretty sets she has illustrated!! <3 

Now over to her, lets see her short bio :) 

"I am an Artist by profession and a passionate Crafter. I am a person who think God has blessed us with 2 important things – Art and TeaJ and I make sure to spend countless hours experiencing both :D

I have done Masters in Fine Arts from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi - specialization in Illustration and cartooning.  Worked with a famous publication house as an Assistant manager creative for more than 10 years. Now I am running my own venture ‘Gullakk’ and a full time crafter and a mother of two (7 years old Daughter & 4 years old son). Few interests that I have - I love to sing (trained in Classical Vocal). Love making portraits. And when I do nothing, I doodle :)

After spending 10 years in job, I realized that I am made to explore more art and so I quit my job and started Gullakk. And that step allowed me to enter into a new world of Art & craft and I explored all new opportunities in quill paper craft, stamp designing and mixed media etc.

Hoping to serve this craft industry with my art in the best possible way.


You can always message or mail us your stamp ideas, suggestions which you would like to see in our line!! 



  1. Great news :) congrats Seema. Love your beautiful designs & artwork.

  2. Thank you much Varshitha for this honour.
    Its indeed a pleasure to be a part of Mudra's creative family.
    Its always been a great experience working with you...🙂
    Thank you once again..

  3. Congratulations Seema.... Welcome to the team

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