Friday, 14 July 2017

Interactive cards - the fun way to make cards

Hello Everyone!
Manu here and I'm sure you must be all quite happy with this month's theme which is all about 'Interactive cards' !! Interactive cards are sure fun to make and is equally loved by all!!

I have two interactive cards to share with you all!

Card 1:

This is one total fun interactive one!!
You pull the 'pull me' tab and watch the magic unfold!! Checkout the next few pictures to checkout what happens when you pull the tab!!!

Isn't it fun!! Absolute delight to watch the colors pop up from beneath!!!
I totally loved making this pretty one!!

Card 2:

This one is a spinner card and the main element revolves around the circle spinning all the way!

I'm so in love with this unicorn stamp set and I find them pretty gorgeous to make beautiful handmade cards!!!

To make this card:
1. Take a cardstock and die cut a circle shape. Take the die cut and again take a smaller circle die and die cut another circle from it. You will send up having a base cardstock, and one inside circle and a circular ring, We will use the base cardstock and the inside circle to make the card.
2. Adhere the base cardstock to another A2 size cardstock which will make our base card. Use Foam tape to adhere the circle cardstock to the base one. Now adhere the inside circle also with the foam tapes. Make sure to leave the circular edges a little so that the spinner can more around freely!
3. Stamp the images and color them using the Zig markers, fussy cut and keep them aside. Now take a small coin or a button and slide it inside the gap between the inside circle and the circular die cut cardstock. Adhere a little piece of Foam to the coin/button and adhere the unicorn on it. Adjust the sides where you want the unicorn to be. Finish off with a sentiment
4. Spin around your element and surprise your friends!!!

I hope you liked these two cards and do remember to join in the challenge. You can find all the details here  challenge #11 - Interactive Card / Project

Supplies used.

Mudra stamps are now available at the following retailers: