Sunday, 22 January 2017

Mudra January Release DAY 3


Varshitha here with some awesome stamp sets!! Before going into the release, I would like to know lovely crafters stamping journey with Mudra. Do you love Mudra stamps? What else would you like to see from us, any products or just more and more stamps?
We love Made in India products, sourcing or manufacturing anything new in India is very challenging, but my love for it bought me here.. Loads of different products are awaiting for you in next release.
Thanks for your constant support and encouragement.

Here is the most wanted planner set!! We all have plans, some in their mind, some record it in their planners and diaries. India doesn't have a wide choice of planners. This stamp set is simple and easy solution to convert your regular diary or notebook to a planner... Yippee isn't you excited??

Basic Planner 6”x4” 
Concept by Ujjwal Gupta
Design by Varshitha

A compilation of basic planner stamping needs. You can convert any diary as a productive planner with this simple set. 

You are sweet  4”x4”
Cocept & Coordiantion by Manu Gupta
Design by Varshitha 

This is a lovely stamp set with a cute lollipop theme. The lollipop has layers to give glaze look. So many co-ordination elements to form this pretty set. Some perfect sentiments to use on your  projects for your valentine.. 

So how did you like today's release? Thats all for this month. Do you want to see more of planner stamps?? Do mail us ( what you would like to see in mudra!!

Bye for now!! Follow us for the new teams debut post!! 


  1. wow!! I want the planner one. <3

  2. Yay! I'm not into planners but your set would come handy for anyone who is! Lots of lovely options there! And that sweet set is really... sweet Hahaha! :-)

  3. Basic planner set is so cute 😊